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One of the primary goals at CMR is to help our customers get the most out of their J&L Specialty Folder/Gluers (J&Ls). Unfortunately, the majority of J&Ls in the corrugated industry are underachieving. With most product mixes, an average production rate of 5000-6000 pcs/hr is easily attainable, 8000+ pcs/hr being feasible. Yet most J&Ls are averaging closer to 2000 pcs/hr. The reasons for this vary and could be one or more of the following:
  1. Machine condition
  2. Operator capability and/or desire
  3. Production line setup
  4. Packaging design techniques
  1. Die cutting techniques
  2. Material condition
  3. Inherited bad habits.
The purpose of our service packages are to help you identify the weaknesses and bottlenecks in your production line, and provide solutions to increase machine capability and efficiency. Our training and consultation services include:
Operator Training
Package Design Training & Support
Production and Process Audits
Machine Operator Training
The importance of operator training by a qualified specialist cannot be overemphasized for either new operators or experienced ones. For new operators, it provides the opportunity to learn the best techniques from the beginning and gain a strong foundation to build upon. For experienced operators, training can provide them with the opportunity to pick up new techniques, help them eliminate bad habits, and improve their overall efficiency. What should you expect from the training? The training specialist will evaluate the competency level of your operators and upon this evaluation, he will instruct them on the following:
  1. Machine operation
  2. Machine safety
  3. Box setup techniques on your designs, with emphasis on the "One-Box Setup" technique.
  1. Production and machine setup optimization
  2. Scrap reduction techniques.
With this training, you should expect overall improvement in your production numbers, setup times and/or scrap rate.

We can provide you training packages that will meet your specific needs. The training can range from one day to three weeks and from one shift to three shifts.
This seminar can be provided to your design department to share with them needed information when designing packages to run on a specialty folder/gluer. This seminar includes:
Package Design Training & Support
"Designing Packages For Specialty Folder/Gluers" Seminar
1. Package design tips and techniques that can optimize the run-ability of the package design.
2. Recommendations for die board score profiles, and when and where to use crush rubber.
3. Learn to understand your specialty folder/gluer(s)' capabilities (squaring systems, glue system capabilities, tooling options, etc.)
4. How to interpret your specialty folder/gluer(s)' range chart.
5. Which designs can and cannot run on your specialty folder/gluer(s)
If you are not sure that a specific design can run on your specialty folder/gluer or need help optimizing the design to run more efficiently, we can help you. Just send us a layout of the design in question, and we will evaluate it to determine its run-ability, estimated setup times, production rates and how to optimize the design if possible.
Free Package Design Reviews
This manual is an expansion of the seminar discussed above. What you will find in this manual is over 80 packaging designs, information of specialty folder/gluers, general information about corrugated board, and scoring considerations. The designer should be able to use this information to produce easier to set up and run designs for the specialty folder/gluer. In addition, the designs supplied to the designer should help to expand the products that the sales department can offer to potential customers.
"Designing Corrugated Packaging Designs For Specialty Folder/Gluers" Manual
This catalog is designed to be passed out to your sales force as a reference for them to use to sell packaging designs that can run on your specialty folder/gluer. The catalog contains the 80 plus packaging designs that are discussed in detail in the manual discussed above.
"Packaging Designs For Specialty Folder/Gluers" Catalog
There will be times when a packaging design comes down the line that you and your operators are not familiar with, or they are struggling with every time they run the order. After we review the design remotely with you, a trainer can come to your plant and assist your operators with the first run or show your operators how to set up on the order more efficiently.
Box Setup Assistance
A-Z Production Process Audit For J&L Specialty Folder/Gluers
Are you not getting the most out of your specialty folder/gluer(s)? Do you want to know what to do to improve your overall capacity, reduce down time, and/or reduce scrap rate? This service is for you! A consultant can be provided that will evaluate the whole process, including:
  1. Packaging Designs
  2. Die board setup and layout
  3. Machine condition
  4. Operator competency
  1. Procedures used
  2. Production line setup
  3. Product flow
A detailed report will be supplied that will give you an honest evaluation of where your production bottlenecks and wasted down time are, and how to correct them. To summarize, with this service, four questions will be answered:
  1. Are your operators performing to the level that they should be?
  2. What is the condition of your machine?
  3. How does your production line stack up?
  4. What actions can you take to improve your overall production capacity?